‘As a General Manager for our Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Maserati and Infiniti brands retail operation, Mr. Mazilu successfully managed to re-organize the entire activity of the showrooms, and developed the used cars sales department. His vision and his goals re-vitalized our sales force and increased sales during troubled financial times worldwide and particularly in Romania. His experience and skills are valuable for every company.’
Dante Stein, Vice-President of Autoitalia Group Romania

‘I worked with Leonard as a consultant of Autoitalia in Bucharest in order to develop from zero the used cars sales department. We started defining the mission, the strategy of the business and the organization chart. We developed the processes and the Kpi' to control results. 
He was totally involved and he implemented the entire project with professionalism and passion.’
   Pasquale SepeGeneral Manager Volvo Italy – Cosultant for Autoitalia Romania

‘Ever since he took over the management of TiriacAuto Constanta, I had great admiration for Leonard’s tenacity, for his strength and his involvement in every aspect of the business. The launch of a new multibrand showroom is a great challenge even for managers with years of experience in the automotive field, but Leonard has proved that his youth, his vision and his drive for success can carry out such a large scale project. Leonard gathered around him a team which obtained spectacular results even during economic crisis and he set on the Constanta‘s auto market a high standard of quality and professionalism.’
Cristian Bica, Business Development Manager, Ion Tiriac Holding Bucharest

‘Leonard proved to be a successful manager, regardless the industry. His contribution led to a higher quality of services provided by our company, more clients and, therefore, a higher turnover. Leonard also focused on our staff training, considering that client relations is of most importance for our business. He was born to be a manager and a leader, and that can be seen in his results throughout the years.’
Traian Aionitoaiei, General Manager Ovidius Protguard Constanta

‘Leonard turned out to be a great asset for our company, being the only manager with impressive results within a very short period of time. He created a brand new sales team, he trained and coordinated them to become the best sales force in Constanta – as a result, the number of cars sold in one year doubled. And because he could do even more, Leonard took over the Marketing department, developing projects and events that considerably improved our company’s image on the market.’
Adrian Tecusanu, General Manager Autocomo Constanta