General Manager in Bucharest, Timisoara, Constanta or abroad

Leonard Mazilu

In my opinion, performing the daily tasks and addressing the daily challenges, complying with the professional ethics, as well as the successful carrying out of my activity as General Manager in one of the abovementioned locations are important and defining for the man I want to be. Or to become! I have learnt with every step, with every project successfully completed that the values applicable in business are largely found in those applied by a good man in his family life. I say this because nothing would have been possible without a family which offered me moral support at every step which marked by professional life. The dedication, the honesty, the seriousness and the continuous effort lead together to creating quality relationships and implicitly bring the satisfaction of success.


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae Leonard Mazilu - CV Leonard Mazilu

Any successful career is based on great ambitions and self-confidence. Besides that, you need drive and the vision to be a leader in every project you are taking part in. However, I cannot say there is an actual recipe for success. But I have discovered along the way several secrets to help me set the foundation for trustworthy relationships and partnerships, achieving great results as well.

Follow me in disclosing the steps I have taken to reach the top.