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Brand Management / Training and personal development coaching / Strategic Positioning

Talented, results-producing Marketing, Coaching and General Business Administration Professional with a proven record of accomplishment in planning and leading comprehensive market strategies in support of business goals and objectives. Expertise in directing the creation of market tools and steering the execution of various programmes. Demonstrated success driving growth in targeted markets through implementation of key projects. Solid leadership skills; able to build and guide top-performing teams. Adept at communicating with management, vendors and internal departments to coordinate overall market efforts.
  • Strategic Market Planning
  • New Market Penetration
  • Marketing Collateral Development
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Coaching and training
  • Team Building & Management
  • Direct Marketing Programmes
  • Budget Preparation/Administration

Professional Experience

InMotion Fitness First - Constanta

Now is the best fitness club in Constanta and will be the best fitness club in Romania.
I am working with my T E A M for this target.

GENERAL MANAGER, 2013, August – 2017, August
Opel Dealer - Bucharest

Reorganization of the activity of the company; coordinating the cost efficiency process within the company;  restructuring the management of all departments and the positions within the company in order to achieve maximum work efficiency; Adjusting the mentality of the employees according to the clients’ expectations; Involving the middle management in decision-making process;
Involving all employees in reaching a high level of customer satisfaction and an excellent CSI;
Stimulating all employees to request and obtain recommendations from clients, highlighting the increased quality of the company's services.
COMMERCIAL MANAGER, 2011, September – 2013, August
ESPE RO /  TIMEUROSEI  - Timisoara
Create a new mentality for  the commercial division of electrical materials; Keeping business at a safe, steady and secure level in a market strongly affected by the crisis, and – at the same time - trying to increase the market share at a superior level.
Selected Contributions:
  • Changing the employees' mentality - from a ",discount mentality’’ into a ",quality and services’ one’;
  • Coaching the Sales and Marketing staff on how to grow, based on good and honest negotiations tactics
  • Maintaining and increasing both the suppliers’ and the clients’ number.
  • Supervised all employees productivity, by creating and implementing KPI, CSI, in order to change the figures in CRM;
  • Created a new commercial division for covering the area of renewable energy;
  • Explaining the business plan to the potential investors, be it current clients or opportunistic ones.
GENERAL MANAGER, 2010, May – 2011, September
AUTOITALIA Romania – Bucharest
I was in charge with the reorganization of the activity of all showrooms and the used cars department,  the coordination  of the sales team for brands like Masserati and Infiniti, offering our clients new opportunities; the increase of the quality of services in the local automotive market; changing and aligning the mentality of the employees to fully match the clients’ expectations.
GENERAL MANAGER, 2008, January –  2010, May
Tiriac Auto Constanta – Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Hyundai dealer
Organize the start up of Constanta Branch; finding the most important representatives from automotive market, offering the clients new opportunities; increasing the quality of services in the local automotive market; changing and aligning the mentality of the employees to fully match the clients’ expectations.
Selected Contributions:
  • I have obtained an important market share and important figures in P&L after EBITDA within a short period of time;
  • Within 18 months we were able to reach a 100% of sales and after sales capacity, as compared to other dealerships, started at the same time, having reached only 25% of our achievements.
CEO, 2006, June – 2007, December
Ovidius Protguard Constanta
My main responsibilities were to increase the level of quality of services provided and the company’s turnover, to make the company successful inside and outside, on the market
I have coached and managed my sales team  according to the latest sales techniques, trained the administrative staff in communication area, The commercial team benefitted of the course – How you can keep the clients around. Based on my knowledge I have trained the financing/ accounting team in order to obtain EU funds and low interest loans.
Selected Contributions:
  • The procedures I have set at the beginning, lead to an increased turnover (by over 100%)
  • increased number of important clients (fleet clients)
  • Moving the headquarters to a bigger building as a result of the business development triggered.
SALES MANAGER, 2004, November – 2006, June
AUTOCOMO Constanta – Dealer Fiat ,Alfa Romeo, Lancia , Ssang Yong
Growing up a new sales team and implement new working procedures. Was coaching and training on site the newly established sales team. I was personally in charge of the client relations for all relevant parties (fleets). After 6 months, I have also taken over the Marketing department, organizing many projects and activities; I increased the awareness of the company in the market in order to grow the notoriety of the represented brands.
Selected Contributions:
  • The sales increased from 198 units in 2004 up to 409 in 2005increased number of important clients (fleet clients); until July 2006 I reached 550 units
  • The market quote increased by 2%
  • As a major achievement I highlight the largest being 600 vehicles for ENEL, and 200 vehicles for several taxi companies
COMMERCIAL MANAGER, 2003, November – 2004, November
HOLDING AUTO KAMSAS - dealer Opel , Chevrolet, Mazda , Volvo – Constanta
I was in charge of launching the new brands Chevrolet and Mazda and increasing sales for the existing brands.
I lead many departments - Logistic, Sales, Leasing, Commercial, Procurement, Marketing
I created and implemented working procedures for company's departments (sales, leasing, commercial, procurement, custom – as we were the importer) thus reaching the improvement of the attitude towards standardization and  working discipline – as a result, I have  increased the quality of the provided services.
Selected Contributions:
  • Following a personal strategy, at some months after the Chevrolet launch, I reached the first position in sales in both Romania and Bulgaria
  • After 6 months only, all the above mentioned led consequently to the augmentation of the personnel’s income.
CHIEF of Financial Department, 2000, June – 2003, November
Constanta Shipyard
I was in charge to solve all the financial problems of the company including loans; I was member of the negotiation team for our company.
Economist, 1999, May – 2000, June
Daewoo Mangalia Shipyard
Although I was only a beginner in the financial department, I learned how to promptly solve problems, make reports and financial analysis, and have been promoted to negotiate some loan contracts for our company.

From Supervisor To Deputy General Manager, 1993, October – 1998, July
Franceromain, Fagaras
I promoted all scale, from supervisor up to deputy general manager.
My main responsibility was to find and purchase wood of superior quality and in a competitive price range.

Education & Credentials

2012 – April,  ESPE  ITALIA
2012 – March, Authorised user of AutoCAD
CNFPA - Timisoara
2011 September - December
2010 - October
Authorized  Sales Trainer and Management Consultant
CNFPA - Bucharest
2006 – September
Postgraduate degree
Management and Business Administration/ Negotiation and Direct Sales Techniques
Economic Studies Academy – National Institute of Economic Development Bucharest
2000 – April
Postgraduate degree
International Accounting Standards
Economic Studies Academy – National Institute of Economic Development Bucharest
1993 – 1998
University Graduate, International Economic Relations
Economic Studies Academy Bucharest
Bachelor”s Degree  

Personal skills and competences

European level (*) Understand Speak Written
Listening Reading Conversation Spoken  
english B2 Proficient user B2 Proficient user B2 Proficient user B2 Proficient user B2 Proficient user
french B1 Proficient user B1 Proficient user B1 Proficient user B1 Proficient user B1 Proficient user
italian B2 Proficient user B2 Proficient user B2 Proficient user B2 Proficient user B2 Proficient user


(*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Social skills and competences

Team work - I have worked in various teams.
Leadership - coordinating my team or the entire staff of the company I was employed by is or was always in my job description.
Intercultural skills - I am experienced with working in several multicultural environments (such as Daewoo –Korean Ownership, Autoitalia - Israeli Ownership, ESPE – Italian Ownership).
Organisational skills and competences         
As the organizational skills are a must in the management positions, across all my engagements – up to nowadays – I have improved and increased my skills and capacities, from setting up a totally new team and business, through coordinating an already existing team/ business, up to training, coaching, mentoring and developing both (the newly set ups, as well as the inherited ones).
Computer skills and competences     
Competent with all Microsoft Office programmes and experience with HTML.
Driving licence: category B vehicle and D1 Minibus
References available upon request.