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ESPE - November 2012

ESPE is one of the largest Italian Energy System Integrators operating on the Romanian market of renewable energy since 1996.
ESPE is for the second time present at Renexpo in Bucharest,  stand I23.

Espe is one of the first five Energy System Integrators in Italy which operate in the area of renewable energy, designing photovoltaic, hydro-electric and mini-windmill systems, taking part for the third time in a Renexpo event and being for the second time in Bucharest.
Founded in Grantorto, Padova province, in 1974, Espe has provided for over 40 years turnkey systems for companies and government institutions, and has installed over 600 green systems, which, alltogether, help reduce the annual CO2 emissions by 148 million tons. Moreover, thanks to its R&D center, Espe researches and carries out the entire process of installation of the photovoltaic, solar tracking hydro-electric turbines and airogenerating systems.
Today, Espe has 152 employees within a network of related and connected companies, in the North and South of Italy, Northern America and Eastern Europe.
Espe operates in Romania since 1996 and has recently founded EspeRo in Timisoara. Due to its powerful experience in Italy achieved by building over 200 MWps of photovoltaic systems and the good aprehension of the Romanian situation, Espe knew how to expand on the Romanian market, covering many areas, including hydro-electrical energy.
Espe has reached on the national and international market a leading position in the electricity and energy area, through companies which are specialised and work together, by being reliable and having great integration capacity and excellent collaborations with research institutions and other Italian and international providers.
Espe, together with the other companies within the group are particularly specialised in renewable energy, especially in photovoltaic and hydro-electric systems.
Practically, the Espe group operates in 4 business areas:
  • Provides state-of-the-art complete solutions in the hydro-electric and photovoltaic areas;
  • Produces and sells energy by using hydro-electric and photovoltaic energy;
  • Monitors its productivity in the energetic installations through effective anti-theft and breaking in systems;
  •  Produces and sells custom-made technological and industrial installations in the electric and energetic area, and is also responsible for the distribution, homologation and maintenance services for the installations.
The presence of  Espe in Romania is quite significant:
In 2004, Espe has acquired 5 small hydro-electric power plants from the goverment-owned company Hidroelectrica. Due to an intensive investment programme supported by the Padova company between 2005-2009, these power plants have increased from a 9 GWh annual average production prior to the acquision to 6750 KWp power and an annual average production of 17.5 GWh (+100%). Due to this accomplishment, Espe was awarded by the Private Enterprise National Council second place in the annual top of small and medium size companies. In 2012 Espe announced its intention to build in Maramures a 9.8 MW hydro-electric power plant, which will provide green energy to more than 10.000 households.
Also in 2012, Espe has started the development of a very large photovoltaic park, located in several Romanian areas. With a power of 20 MWp, the company focused not only on the power production, but also on the monitorisation and the safety of installation by investing in security systems. The new photovoltaic parks will be build on 45 hectars and the annual production is estimated around 24 million kWh. This quantity will provide energy to more than 10.000 households and guarantees a decrease of the CO2 emissions by 13.500 tons, representing saving energy up to 4.800 pet (petrol equivalent tons).



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