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Strategy and Timing

Nowadays strategy is an increasingly used word in almost all companies.
Almost all company owners require strategies from managers, and the latter develop and propose them to their subordinates for implementation
In the absence of a strategy one has no chance to achieve his objectives, but timing is important for developing a good strategy.

I was recently watching National Geographic and I noticed that even animals needed a strategy.
For example, no lion family starts hunting without a clear strategy. Each family member has a clearly defined place on the sideways, and the dominant lioness, usually holding a central position, starts the attack.
So, they have a well-defined, tacitly established strategy, but a perfect timing is needed for implementing it.
If, due to the lack of experience, one of the younger lionesses hurries, then the timing is affected, and even if the strategy is good, the hunt fails.
So, timing is an issue in the absence of which the strategy cannot succeed.

But moving from the lion families to the market economy, learning from animals, we can say that the current economy is a jungle where the large companies or rather even the strong ones rely on a good strategy with a perfect timing.

Why is timing important in the life of a company?

Because it is enough that one team member does not vibrate at the same intensity with the others, and then the team result is affected.
Here comes into action the role of the manager, of the leader.
He must follow carefully the smooth running of the team members' actions and must act urgently if he notices a timing failure which must be corrected immediately, in order not to affect the result of a company.

The current strong competitive market highlights many times the mistakes caused by the timing failure. The monitoring of competitors and the building on their mistakes is frequent on the market.
Thus, many companies rightly invest in constantly ”training” the staff at all levels. It is a costly decision, but if it is not seen as a long term investment, then one cannot speak of a sdurable strategy.
In my opinion, the most important ”asset” of a company is the employee, and if we invest properly in him, the results will appear for sure. I am the one through whom you can achieve a perfect timing and implement a strategy.

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